Seasonal evaluation of abundance and live mass of macrobenthos communities in estuaries of Hormozgan province (Tiab and overnight)

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1 Expert of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Ecology Research Center

2 Expert of Persian Gulf and Oman sea Ecology Research Center



In this study Benthos has been identified in the Shoor, Shirin and Minab wetlands. Sampling of this study was started for one year in two estuaries of Tiab and Yek shabe and was done Seasonally. For this purpose sampling of sediments was carried out using a Van Veen grab with a cross section of 0.04 m2 in two estuaries and During the four seasons. The results of the detection of macrobenthos in this study during the four seasons of sampling in estuaries, Various macrobenthos include polychaetes, Mollusca, crustaceans and other macrobenthos. At the Estuary Tyab 23 families and 37 genera and 9 species of different families were identified. The most abundant belonged to the foraminifera. Also, the polychaetes had a considerable density. At the Yek shabe Estuary Totally17 families and37genera and 9 species of different families also identified. macrobenthos in Tyab estuary with average of 9428±4376 n/m2 had higher abundance and in Yek shabe estuary with average of 2.78±./55 g /m2 had higher weight. According to the results of this study, in general, the frequency of shabe Yek macrobentos was lower than that of thiab, while the higher weight of organisms in the Yek shabe estimate was higher than that of thiab. Although several factors affect the final weight of macrobentos in an area, it seems that the conditions are suitable Yek shabe in such a way that there is more opportunity for the presence of macrobentos, followed by nutrition, growth and increase in body size and ultimately weight gain.


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