Measuring Heavy Metals in the Feather of a Columba livia and Food Consumed (mature wheat grain and Germinated Wheat) in Zinc Industrial Zone of Zanjan

Document Type : (original research)


1 Ph.D. student in environmental pollution, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University

2 Faculty member, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

3 - Faculty member, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

4 Faculty member of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran



The current research studied the amount of accumulation of heavy metals lead, zinc , cadmium in the food of Columba livia (mature wheat grain, germinated wheat) as well as the amount of mentioned elements in the feather of Columba livia in Zinc Industrial Zone of Zanjan. To this end, 80 wheat samples (Years2019-2020),160 feathers of Columba livia(Year2020) were collected. Heavy metals were measured using Atomic absorption device .To statistically analyze the data, SAS 9.1 software was utilized. The mean of lead, zinc ,cadmium concentration in the mature wheat grain was respectively, 1.31, 46.04, 0.05 ppm , it was 3.35, 52.17, 0.14 ppm in the germinated wheat. The results indicated that the amount of lead, zinc , cadmium in mature wheat was more than germinated wheat and a significant relationship could be observed among them. The mean of lead, zinc , cadmium concentration in the dead male dove was respectively, 17.12, 319.25 , 1.73 (μg/g); it was 14.82, 301.06 , 1.36 in alive male dove; it was 17.44, 378.75 , 1.92 (μg/g) in the dead female dove; it was 15.14, 307.65 , 1.47 (μg/g) in alive female dove. This showed that the mean of these elements: dead female >dead male >alive female > alive male. The final conclusion represented that the amount of heavy metals in the dead samples was more than alive samples and it was more in females than males. Moreover, there was a statistically significant relationship between bird`s gender and its being dead or alive.


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