Assessment of Heavy Metals and PAHs Concentration of water in Neour Lake(Ardbil Province)

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1 Inland Waters Aqaculture Research Center

2 Inland Waters Aquaculture Research Center



This study investigates the presence of heavy metals and 16PAHs of the Neour lake water, in Ardbil Province. The results of heavy metals analysis of Neour lake water in the cat that the level of heavy metals of Cd ,Pb,Co and Cr low. The concentration of those heavy metals in most water sample was under the detection limit of atomic absorption device. the Fe level and then Zn were camper tom other heavy metals were higher .the mean concentration Fe,Zn,Ni and Cu in Neour lake over at sampling station were 0.371±0.008, 0.134±0.003, 0.091±0.006, 0.051±0.007 mg/l respectively which concentration Fe and Ni is higher than the TSE-266, WPCL and EC permissible value. The results of 16 petroleum aromatic hydrocarbons(PAHs) analysis showed that the mean concentration of pharantrolin and antrasin in near lake water were 2.7±1.27 and 1.0±1.04µg/l respectivility this result suggest that the PAHs compound in Neour lake from pyrolytic sources where they originated from petroleum sources. The result of pollution study in Neour lake water showed there the level of pollutant one very low at the current condition where there are at sources of those pollutant the water shad area of Neour lake the result suggest that the lake the is clear.


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