Investigation the Growth of Spiny Lobsters (Panulirus homarus Linnaeus, 1758) in Captivity Conditions

Document Type : Physiology (Animal)


1 Applied Scientific Higher Education Institute Jahad- e- Agriculture. Tehran, Iran

2 Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas Branch

3 Dept Fisheries of the Islamic Azad University of Bandar Abbas Branch.


The effect of different range weight (210-260 & 310-360 g) on growth performance, of Panolirus homarus in 4 betonies ponds (each 12 m2) for 4 month was studied. Mean value of water temperature was 28.25±0.5 oC. The average pH and dissolved oxygen (DO2) 7.8±1.01 to 8.2±1.3 and 6.7±0.24 to 7.45±0.45 mg/lit, was recorded, respectively. The average salinity water 38.3±0.3 ppt was measurd.The average weight gains were 50.5±0.7 gr for lobster in range weight 210-260. The significant different (P≤0.05) of weight gains, average daily gain rate (ADG %), specific growth rate (SGR %) and Body weight increase (BWI) were observed for different range weight (210-260 & 310-360 g) lobsters (P≤0.05). However lobster with higher weight group, so growth performance less than the lower weight group lobster. Other growth parameters mentioned also better performance than lobster at lower weight group had a higher weight lobster. The results of this study showed that 210-260 g weight group grew faster than have the upper weight group lobster and to consider the survival rate in both groups was 100% almost more economical to rear weight group.