The comparison of nutritional effects between inland made SELCO with Commercial SELCO on the Growth, Survival and Abnormalities of Rain bow trout Larvae ( Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Document Type : Morphology


Iran Artemia Research Center, Urmia, P.O.Box: 368


This study was performed to compare the effects of enriched Artemia urmiana with inland made oil (SELCO) with commercial SELCO  on new feeding larvae of rainbow trout. This study was conducted on fishes with 0.1 ± 0.002 g weights in 3 gropes and 3 replicates during a 30 – day period. The fish larvae were collected randomly from trout culture ponds. Treatments included: 1- Artemia nauplii enriched with SELCO- made in country 2- unenriched Artemia nauplii  3- Artemia nauplii enriched with commercial SELCO. The results showed that larvae of treatments 1&3 grew faster than  treatment 2. Also , the same treatment produced heavier larvae than treatments 1 and 3 ( p<0.05). The highest survival rate belonged to T1 (90%) and the lowest to T2(67%). General abnormalities such as unbalanced swimming , skin injuries , anorexia, exophtalemei, Fin rot and deformations were observed as 50, 67 and 55 fishes per T1 , T2 and T3, respectively. Final results showed that there is the potential of SELCO enrichment oils production similar to foreign ones by interior potential.