Peer Review Process

The Process of Reviewing Articles in the Journal of Animal Environmental Research (up to 4 months)


1. Submission of the article by the author in charge of the journal

2. Submission of the article by the executive editor of the journal to the editor of scientific approval and designation of expert editor of articles

3. Review articles by expert editors and editorial staff and referee appointments

4. Submit articles to designated referees

6. The maximum time for initial review of articles is one month.

Note: If the opinion of the two referees is different, the article will be sent to the third referee.

Arbitration Answer:

Final acceptance of the article

· Reject article

· Acceptance with paper amendments


7. If the article is accepted with corrections, the article is sent to the responsible author to submit the referees' corrections to his / her article and then send the corrected article to the journal (2 weeks).

Note: If for any reason this period lasts more than two weeks without the magazine being notified, the article will be removed from the arbitration process.

8. Submission of a revised paper by the journal office for final review (1 month).

Arbitration Answer:

· Article acceptance

· Reject article

9. If the article is accepted by the final referee, the matter will be notified to the author.

10. The accepted article will be sent to the editor and after the editing will be returned to the author.

11. Submission of a letter of acceptance by the journal office to the author of the paper (2 weeks).

The article submitted to the journal should only be followed by the responsible author.