A survey on the effects of ethanol extract of propolis, β-glucan and levamisole on CHSE-214 Cell line

Document Type : Physiology (Animal)


1 Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Urmia University, Iran

2 Department of Pathobiology and Quality Control, Urmia Lake Research Institute, Urmia University


Currently the growth and immune stimulants commonly were used in aquaculture. These compounds have beneficial effect but there is not any study on their side effects in fish. So, the goal of this study was to evaluate in vitro effects of ethanol extract of propolis, β-glucan and levamisole on CHSE-214 Cell line. The live cells of CHSE cell line was prepared from Pasture institute and cultured in RPMI supplemented with bovine fetal serum, penicillin and streptomycin at 37 °C and 5% of CO2. Propolis samples were collected from West Azarbaijan honey bee, Apis mellifera carnica, and alcoholic extract was prepared. In this study different concentrations of these compounds (500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 µg/ml) at 24, 48 and 72 hours were assay with MTT as a colorimetric method. Finally, statistic analysis of data was done with one way analysis of variance and Tukey’s. Results showed that significantly ethanol extract of propolis has cytotoxicity properties at all different concentrations (P<0.05); the lower effect was record at 500 µg/ml (8.01± 1.01 percent) after 24 h and highest cytotoxicity effect was seen at 4000 µg/ml (100%) at 72 h. Also results showed that levamisole significantly (P<0.05) has cytotoxicity property on CHSE-214 cell line. Levamisole at 500 µg/ml concentrations has not inhibitory effect on CHSE-214 after 24 h, but the higher cytotoxicity was seen at 4000 µg/ml (20.11±1 percent) after 72 h. Beta glucan has not cytotoxicity effects on CHSE cell line at 500 µg/ml in all of time periods, the higher cytotoxicity effects was seen at 4000 µg/ml (5.06 ± 1.6 percentage) after 72 h. It should be concluded that cytotoxicity of these compounds are related to concentration and time. On the other hand, each agent could induce cytotoxicity in CHSE-214 based on concentration and it is different between these compounds. The results of this study showed that beta glucan, levamisole and lactoferrin have minimal effects but ethanol extract of propolis could cytotoxic at higher concentrations.